Can you survive breakfast?

When I got invited to a breakfast event last week I had visions of a sumptuous affair, the ultimate breakfast for a hungry family. What ever I was expecting, it wasn’t this!

Yummy Bugs

Nestle invited us along to experience their breakfast survival event and whilst I tucked into the above bugs the girls were enjoying face painting and a hearty bowl of cereal or two.
We were also given the opportunity to hold and touch some fabulous creepy crawlies and I was amazed to see Elizabeth with her arms out to hold the creatures including a giant millipede whilst Alison shied away from them content to look but not touch. 
I was just glad that the spider in the pot was just a skin and not the real thing.

I love the new Nestle Breakfast Survival adverts and can really image that happening on these survival programmes out in the middle of nowhere.