Choosing Between an Online Bingo and Casino Site

In the UK, daytime television is awash with adverts for bingo sites. While it’s the 21st century and advertisers aren’t supposed to go in for gender stereotypes, there is a sense that these ads are geared towards attracting women. Later at night, or during football matches, you might see more adverts for online casinos; again, these ads tend to be targeted at men.

Is this a smart way to advertise? Who knows? But the evidence is increasing that women’s participation in all types of gaming is increasing, and there is a lot of overlap. Indeed, any man who hasn’t tried an online bingo site because of some preconceived gender stereotype will be surprised at what they find there, just as women might be surprised at what they find at an online casino.

There are, however, similarities between the two types of gaming sites, as well as some marked differences. Knowing the difference between the two is important because playing at a casino site might better suit your style of play than playing at a bingo site and vice versa.

Bingo sites have a certain tone and style

First, a look at bingo sites. A typical bingo site will focus itself on bingo games, of course. But the site will also be padded out by online slots. There is a typical flavour to the online slots on a bingo site; for want of a better term, we can call them ‘cute’ slots, as they have names like Fluffy Favourites, Rainbow Riches, 99 times.

The colour scheme and design of a bingo site tend to be light, bright and easy on the eye – pinks, light blues and whites. The idea is to give the impression of a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The inclusiveness is also brought to the fore with the chat games, featuring chat moderators who are trained to get everyone gabbing.

Online casinos are a little different, of course. The focus tends to be more spread out. The classic games like blackjack will have loads of different variants; you can see the size of the selection here at Different variants are aimed at players with different styles of play, like roulette with a special jackpot or blackjack with a low house edge.

Casinos opt for high-octane slots

Many of the slots at online casinos are a bit edgier than those at bingo sites – it’s a bit like comparing an action movie with a romantic comedy. High octane slots, with big visuals and special features, are very different from those ‘cute’ slots at online bingo sites, but it is important to remember that the payouts and stakes are much the same.

For many bingo and casino players, the most important factor of all are the promotions on offer. Bingo sites tend to favour things like free bingo tickets and loyalty points, whereas casino sites often look at reload bonuses and cashback offers. There is a lot of overlap in this area, but we would cite the main difference as bingo sites offering smaller bonuses more frequently and casino sites opting for bigger one-off bonuses.

Can we make a determination if it is better to play at a bingo site or a casino site? It all depends on your own tastes, of course, but we will list some common traits below and you can decide for yourself:

Online Casinos

  • More classic casino games
  • Bigger jackpots
  • Bigger bonuses
  • Wider choice of slots

Online Bingo Sites

  • More frequent promos
  • Inclusive atmosphere
  • ‘Cute’ slots
  • More bingo games and scratchcards