Cbeebies Christmas Panto

Today me and the girls headed to the Lowry in Manchester to watch the filming of the Cbeebies christmas panto. I was really happy to get some last minute tickets as I missed last years and Gaming Daddy of Two took the girls without me.

This years Panto is Peter Pan but that is all I am going to tell you, after all you want to have all the fun and surprises that we had when you watch it on the TV.

As part of the Panto filming there was also lots of activities taking place in the local area including a stage that was compered by Dr Ranj, a pirate ship to explore and lots of other educational activities including experiments and a treasure hunt and the best bit was it was all free! We saw Dr Ranj, That Poetry Bloke and Rasta Mouse before we headed into the Panto and if Elizabeth was up to it we would have stayed afterwards too but unfortunately her Chemo on Thursday had taken it out of her and she was ready to head home.

The Cbeebies Panto has become a family tradition and one we will enjoy watching on the TV snuggling up on the sofa together as a family. As soon as I know when it is on I will let you know as you will definitely not want to miss it!