Braun’s new no touch + forehead thermometer (NTF3000)

For the last two and a bit years our Braun in ear thermometer has been with us all over the world, where Elizabeth went the thermometer went. We are quite lucky that we have not needed it that much however the times we did were usually at night. The amount of times I woke Elizabeth to check her temperature especially in the early days was really high and I wish this had come into my life a lot sooner.

The Braun no touch and forehead thermometer allows you to use it on their foreheads if you want to or by holding it a few centimeters away from the centre of their forehead. It measures temperature in less than two seconds. It also tells you when you are too far away ensuring you take the temperature in the correct way. The simple colour indictator makes it really simple to work out whether your childs temperature is normal (green), elevated (yellow) or high (red).

Although we are nearly at the end of Elizabeth’s treatment we still have to worries about temperatures just like every other family and I am now safe in the knowledge that i wont have to wake up either of the kids next time i want to check on them.