Birthdays at Butlins #ButlinsAmbassadors

Its Elizabeth’s sixth birthday today and we are spending it in her favourite place, Butlins Bognor Regis. We are here a lot but we only come because the girls ask if we can. After coming to Butlins for the last four years we have got to know so many of the staff that it really does feel like we are welcomed with open arms when we visit and when asked where Elizabeth wanted to spend her birthday Butlins was her first choice.

As Butlins ambassadors we have already been here during the easter break but this holiday was one that we paid for and it is not the only one. We tend to come to Butlins atleast three times a year and we are already planning when we will be able to come back. The next round of applications for the Butlins Ambassador program has just opened so if you are a blogger and you want to get involved check out the application page. 

To celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday today we started the day at a Character Breakfast where Billy and Bonnie were there to wish her a happy birthday. We always love the Character Breakfasts and we have missed these whilst staying at the Wave the last few visits.
After Breakfast we headed to the Skyline Pavilion to catch the new Thomas the tank engine show, it was really good and the girls could not stop giggling at Rusty and Dusty who are very silly indeed.
We had bought tickets to see two shows in the character theatre today. The tickets cost £5 each but for the comfy sets, theatre setting and longer shows it is well worth the money. We loved watching the Little Big Adventure for the first time as well as catching up with Billy, Bonnie and the Buccaneers which is one of the girls favourites.
The girls also had a special treat as they were asked to model for the Tattoo and Hair Braiding stall so they got free tattoos and hair braids in exchange for photos, hopefully they will get chosen for the new stand being produced soon.

After dinner we headed back into the Skyline Pavilion to watch the Skyline Gang Lost in space a fabulous new show where Misty the Mischief causes problems again! We caught up with them for a photo afterwards and they surprised Elizabeth with a birthday card and a rendition of Happy Birthday. She was so happy she was positively beaming as she raced back to the Shoreline hotel just in time to say Good night to Billy Bear and fall into bed!

All in all a fantastic birthday full of fabulous fun and lots of memories!