Grill on the Market – Awesome food small prices

When you think about most posh restaurants, you rarely give a seconds thought as to whether they are family friendly.  So it was a pleasant surprise to find a high quality restaurant in London that catered for my whole family.  The restaurant I am talking about is ‘The Grill on the Market‘, which is located opposite Smithfields Market, Farringdon.

Now when I think London restaurant I think expensive posh food. I was really surprised to find the Grill on the market provided down to earth tastes at affordable prices and this was obviously the case when looking at the childrens menu. I loved the childrens cutlery as well, it made you feel that the kids were welcomed rather than just tolerated.
The main menu had a fabulous selection of food with a range of price points. They serve the most expensive cuts of steak alongside a nice juicy burger so no matter what your tastes or your budget you will be able to find something to satisfy you.
Gaming Daddy of Two ordered a fillet steak with a garlic prawn skewer and he loved every mouthful of it. The steak was cooked perfectly and was lovely and succulent and the skin on chips were hot, crunchy and fluffy on the inside. He ordered a peppercorn sauce which was creamy and strong yet not over powering. 
I ordered a wagu burger which was delicious. It came with smoked bacon, cheese and a chutney which worked perfectly. The burger patty was tender and juicy with a gorgeous flavour that proved that it was from fantastic quality meat. The burger was so juicy that the bottom part of the bun did become soggy but this just absorbed all the flavours from the burger and I really enjoyed eating it with a form afterwards!
We thoroughly enjoyed our main courses and we had some onion rings and garlic rub bread with them which were also delicious. In fact I wish I had taken a photo of the Garlic Rub bread as it was the most delicious garlic bread I have ever eaten and that is saying something. Freshly bread was toasted in a griddle and served with olive oil and a garlic bulb cut in half that was made to sweat by adding sea salt. To eat you poured on some oil and then rubbed the garlic bulb over the bread. Elizabeth was not impressed and declared the bit I made too garlicky but you can make it as strong as you want so I made her a bit that was more subtle.

After dinner we were stuffed but the enticement of pudding just could not be resisted and so we just had to indulge ourselves further! Alison and Elizabeth went for the sensible option of ice cream and fruit whilst Gaming Daddy of Two had chocolate fudge cake and I opted for a sticky toffee pudding with ice cream. Now I don’t know what the other puddings tasted like as I was far too lost in my own little world of soft squishy toffee sponge, creamy vanilla ice cream and sticky sauce. I adored my sticky toffee pudding and it was not too sickly or heavy so finished the meal really well.
One thing we were impressed with was the quality of the drinks. Gaming Daddy of two and I both enjoyed a delicious craft lager whilst Alison sampled a non alcoholic cocktail. Elizabeth was feeling boring so she just had a diet coke.

As much as I demolished my burger, loved my pudding and enjoyed my craft beer there was one thing that stands out in my mind above all else. I had a peanut butter jelly milkshake which was just divine. The jelly cut through the peanut butter to take away the sweetness and leave the delicious taste. Mmmm my mouth is drooling just thinking about how gorgeous that was.
The restaurant was welcoming, the food was delicious and the staff were friendly and chatty which made the whole experience brilliant and one I would love to repeat again.