Big Night In #MSMBigNightIn

I love working with Money Supermarket on their innovative and imaginative blogger competitions. From the #Roomforimprovement post to the #Retailroyaltychallenge they really do get the creative juices flowing.

The one I am working on at the moment is called the #MSMBigNightIn I was given £50 to show that you can have a fun night in for less than it costs to go out on the town for the night.

I thought long and hard about what to do and then decided to treat some of my blogging friends to some ice cold drinks and some gorgeous food. Yesterday saw five of my blogging friends come over to help me prepare for Blog On. With 70 goody bags to make, speeches to write and gossip to catch up on I was really looking forward to having them around.

We had beer, cider, wine, ice creams and a love fake BBQ (My George foreman works perfectly). Alcohol was consumed, the sun shone and we were disappointed when it was time for them to leave. I was really surprised at just how far £50 could stretch even with all the alcohol included and it really does make you realise how expensive a pint of beer is in a pub in comparison to a crate from the supermarket.

I want to thank Note from Lapland, Sims life, The Brick Castle, My Mummys Pennies and Red Rose Mummy for all their help and to Money Supermarket for making the day special.

I wouldn’t have been able to create all these without your help.

My tips for a good night in are to choose your guests wisely a non drinker with a big car always comes in handy so that they can taxi them all back home again.

If you are having a bbq, if you can invite a few vegetarians it helps keep the cost down.

Ask them to bring a bottle thus rendering you with a lovely chilled bottle of wine in the fridge at the end of the day when everyone forgets to drink it.

Have a really good husband who cooks all the food, tidy’s up after you, fetches you all drinks and hangs all the washing out whilst your guest look on jealously at how well trained he is.

Oh and if your kids go too quiet upstairs, do not think they are playing nicely, they are in fact redecorating your paint work with eye shadow.