Being Blinded

Winter is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner or so the tv adverts are suggesting. I love the spring time, new baby animals, flowers peaking through the soil and the sun starts to make more of an appearance.

Unfortunately the sun making an appearance earlier in the morning makes my life a lot more miserable. I have the sun blinding me every morning as it pours through our bedroom window, as I mentioned before I really need to sort out getting a blind up in there but I have not done it yet.

I am already noticing that the girls are waking up earlier and earlier. I have enjoyed the winter lie ins. Its not as though they were that late, but getting to 8 o’clock was quite nice. That is all going to come to an end soon unless . . .

I wonder . . .

I used to use Black out blinds when the children were younger but they were not very attractive and the girls have great looking bedrooms so I wouldn’t want to ruin them. That was when I found these pleated blinds from Blinds2Go. I love the look of the Orchard Mist one and it would go really nicely in Elizabeth’s bedroom, it is supposed to be energy saving as well as a black out blind so hopefully it would pay for itself fairly quickly. If it makes her sleep better than she is currently and if it can give me an extra hour or so in bed in the mornings then it would be worth its weight in gold. 

Add to it the fact that I can get them made to measure so they are guaranteed to fit just makes them even better.  I wonder if I can convince them to give me a review one?