Back to school?

We got a letter in the post this week about Alison starting back to school in September and I am waiting on a phone call about Elizabeth too. I know it was always the plan that the girls would go back but I think I will miss them.

Having home schooled the girls for the last four months we have had so much fun. We have been on so many days out and holidays, we have made up for any time that we lost whilst Elizabeth was too ill. The girls have bonded better too. Ok they still bicker occasionally but after all they are sisters.

I have enjoyed having them at home and I wish there was more than two and a half months remaining before they head back
through those doors yet at the same time being able to work in relative peace and quiet will be a novelty.

Elizabeth doesn’t finish treatment until the end of October so I am not sure how much school she will be attending in her first two months as the treatment has started to have more of an effect on her as we come to the end but she is looking forward to seeing her friends again.

I tell you one thing I am not looking forward too, school uniform shopping!
In 2012 when Alison started school I wasn’t able to go uniform shopping for her or take her to school on her first day, I was in the hospital with Elizabeth watching her getting worse as the chemotherapy took its toll on her.

I have always regretted not seeing her
go to school in her tiny school uniform on her first day. It is one of those experiences you can never get back.

I do remember Elizabeth’s first day at school back in 2011.

She was so cheeky and excited. She also looked like a scruffbag as she would not let me tie her hair up and it was really windy. A great photo either way with her monkeys poking out from under her arms.

That was not her first day at school though. In February 2013 Elizabeth had to start a new school. With no hair, no energy and a huge smile on her face she walked into a new school full of new children and made friends straight away.
She has made me proud many times but that day I was so proud of her I had tears in my eyes. To go through so much and then walk into a classroom full of thirty strangers with her head held high was such a grown up thing to do.
Hopefully going back to school in September will not be as emotional as it was then. For now I am off shopping with the girls for some school shoes and uniform ready for them to head back to mainstream school.