Are you saving for something special?

This year is the year that we make some amazing family memories and to do that we need lots of money. In December we will be making a once in a lifetime trip to Florida for two weeks and we want to do it all. We want to see all the sights, ride all the rides and even swim with dolphins. Obviously this all costs money and that means we have had to start some serious saving.

Now for us this means using our ISA accounts and our savings accounts to their full potential but for some people they may want to look at other ways to use their savings. I have recently been introduced to a service called Nutmeg. As well as managing investment portfolios that open up investments to everyone they also have stocks and shares ISAs and investment pensions. 

With any investment your capital is at risk but run 10 different investment portfolios that range from cautious to aggressive and they work with you to find the portfolio that is best for you.

If after a year of saving for this holiday I have become good at saving then I will have to look into where my money would be most useful and where it could earn me the most money and then we could look into the next once in a lifetime experience.

If your ISA’s are maxed out or you are looking at starting a new pension then it is definitely worth taking a look at placing your money in an investment account.

You can find out more about the Nutmeg service in this video.