A busy weekend

I feel as though I have been really slacking about writing about my everyday life on here for a while but to be honest I have been so busy working that there has not been much to write about however I wanted to share my weekend with you.

You might know that I run conferences for Bloggers and this Saturday was the first ever event outside of Manchester. Blog On Cymru took place at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff and saw 60 bloggers come together to learn and socialise. The organisation is always hard work but rewarding but actually speaking at the events makes me really nervous so leaving my welcome speech on my desk at home was not a good idea. 
Photo courtesy of Keep Up with the Jones Family
The day went really well and the feedback has been amazing. It is really good to feel that all my hard work has paid off. I have less than 8 weeks to prepare for Blog On MOSI now and I have just announced that Blog On is going to Winchester in October too.
Photo Courtesy of Mrs Helicopter 
If that was not enough excitement for the weekend then the very next day I joined all the other crazies at Wembley as part of Team Honk where dancing for 6 hours was the aim of the day.
I looked like an idiot

I danced like a loon

and it took three days to recover 

but as part of Team Honk we raised over £30,000 which is just phenomenal.

So it was a fairly quiet weekend all things considering. 

I have lots more fun adventures planned and lots of news to share so I promise to be more timely with my updates in future.