Ain’t no party like a fancy dress party with Asda George

The summer holidays are in full swing and I am on a mission to fill it full of fun and keep the kids happy. Asda wanted us to celebrate the start of the summer holidays by hosting a fancy dress party so I got some of the girls friends together and enjoyed a summer garden party.
The kids all had an amazing time getting dressed up in a variety of costumes and we were really impressed with the quality of the costumes that we were sent.
I took the girls shopping to Asda for their favourite party food and as well as the normal snacks they headed straight to the choose your own pizza topping section where they were able to select their favourites.
We also put together some little party bags full of fun and snacks that they all enjoyed. 
Putting together a party at Asda was low stress and lots of fun. I was able to get everything I needed all in one place and also learned that the kids don’t need to be entertained all the time and the addition of fancy dress costumes takes away the need for party games as their imaginations more than filled the time.