Pora Ora Leapfrog

Pora Ora create educational games that the children will enjoy. We were asked to take a look at one of the apps and chose Leapfrog. They have more apps to choose from on their website. When you first start the app there is a great story about the pals you can collect along the way.
You can play Pora Ora Leapfrog as a single player or a multiplayer. We didn’t manage to play multiplayer as we don’t know anyone else with the app but I will be asking some of Elizabeth’s school friends to download it too so they can play together. You can download Pora Ora Leapfrog from the Google Play Store or from the itunes App Store. 
As we didnt know what the game was like we chose to start on the easy level and I am glad we did as it is quite fast paced. 
There are lots of levels to play and at the end of each level you win another pal who you get to name. This helps to reward the player as they progress.
The sums get harder as you go higher up the levels and for Elizabeth being in year 2 I found the easy level to be perfect. She still needs practice with multiplication and this helps to build her confidence before progressing to a harder level. The sums in the first levels were focusing on the two times table and we then went to the three and five times tables.
Elizabeth really enjoyed getting new pals to name at the end of each area and she enjoyed making up names for them.
The levels vary in theme which adds an extra level of fun to the game.
Elizabeth has actually enjoyed playing this game even though it is an educational one as she loves collecting the Pora Pals to show how well she is doing. We will look at downloading the other Pora Ora games now to see if she likes those as well.