Adding some personality to our home with Posterlounge AD

We have lived in our house for nine years but we have never really made our mark on the decorating apart from in the girls’ bedrooms.  We recently decorated our bedroom and put up some artwork that we had never put on the wall. All of a sudden the room suddenly transformed and felt so much better, so much more me. This inspired me to reach out to Posterlounge and see if they wished to work together to add some personality to the other rooms of my house.

I was given £150 to spend on the site and I really wanted to maximise the quantity of artwork that I could buy. This meant that I chose to get the pictures without frames which has unfortunately led to a delay putting them up as we are planning to get the frames from IKEA which is currently shut. The great thing about Posterlounge is that you are able to order whatever print you like in a variety of sizes and materials. The majority of the pictures that we chose were premium posters but you can also get them as wall stickers, canvas, acrylic, wood, foam board, aluminium and gallery.

We chose this 40cm x 40cm  Pop Art Ducks Acrylic to hang in our newly painted bathroom and I think it really makes a difference to the room. Just take a look at the two photos below to see how it adds personality to the room.

We are waiting to repaint the hallway walls before we hang the All dogs must be on a leash canvas which makes me smile every time I look at it. I chose this in 60xm x 60xm which will make it a great feature that guests will see when they first enter the house.

This picture has a lot of personality and I absolutely love the detail. Every time I look at it I notice something else such as the koalas in the tree or the dog controlling the crane.

Our living room is a bit eclectic with video games, board games and lots of geeky items so the addition of these 20cm x 30cm movie premium poster prints will really fit in but first I need to get some frames. The hardest part was choosing which movies to include as they had so many fantastic ones and I am sure we will add to the collection. Which movie posters would you choose?

I also allowed both of my girls to choose some prints for their rooms. They both have very different personalities and they absolutely loved being able to find posters that they loved.

Alison is obsessed with lizards so these two were an easy choice for her. The leopard gecko is a beautiful photo print and the green lizard is really bright.

Elizabeth enjoyed looking through all the prints that had skulls on them (she is going through that phase!) and chose three 30cm x 40cm premium posters that she wants to put in black frames and hang on her wall.

The hardest part of choosing the artwork was trying to limit our choices as the site is full of so many fantastic designs. You can even get colouring posters which have been great with the kids at home.

Whether you are looking for stunning landscapes, funny or inspirational quotes or cute animals you can find it all on Posterlounge. I challenge you to not find something that is perfect for adding personality to every single room in your house. I can’t wait to get the rest of these on the walls and see the finished result.