So Bomb DIY bath bomb factory geode

Alison loves getting creative and we have tried to make bath bombs using various kits a few times in the past. Sadly they don’t always work so I was sceptical about the So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Factory Geode set. However, we enjoy the So Slime DIY kits so we thought we would give it a go.

The So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Factory Geode kit comes in lots of pieces which you need to assemble. I am not sure if Imy box was missing a set of instructions but I had to work out how to assemble it using pictures on the box. It did come with one set of instructions but this focused on using the factory to make the bath bombs and not how to assemble the factory.

I managed to work it out fairly quickly though and the parts all slotted together easily.

In the box, you get 4 bags of colour changing bicarbonate of soda, 4 bags of citric acid and 4 bags of coloured crystals. This is enough to make over 10 bath bombs with about 3 hemispheres per mix.

The instructions are easy to follow, you need to mix the bicarbonate of soda with a small amount of water and stir until there are no lumps and then add the citric acid, repeating the step of stirring until no lumps. Once fully mixed you add the mix to the mould and sprinkle with the crystals. Press down with the handle to compress the mix and help to bind it together so it is important to make sure you do this properly. You only have one mould which does limit what you can do but we had some aluminium moulds from a previous attempt at making bath bombs so we used those as well.

I was really impressed at the quality of the bath bomb mix and the finished result but we struggled to get it out of the mould that came with this set. However, the ones we made with our aluminium moulds worked really well.

There are a variety of So Bomb DIY sets available and although I would happily recommend the mix as it worked really well, I personally do not see value in the added factory. This is a lot of plastic for what could just be done in a bowl. With this in mind, I would suggest the So Bomb DIY Vanity Case or the bath bomb kits.