A Poundland Summer Challenge

I like a good challenge, so when Poundland got in contact with me to see what I could spend £20 with the chance to become their one and only Poundland Summer Ambassador I just had to accept. I love Poundland anyway, the variety of items in the store for one pound always blows me away and with the quality of those items improving all the time I knew that my £20 could go a long way. 

Trying to decide what to spend it on was a struggle. I was tempted to create a festival survival pack but instead decided to do something that would really make a difference to our summer. I decided to create a Summer Holidays Survival pack (just add alcohol of your choice!)

Summer Holidays Survival Pack

For the wet rainy days, we chose some artists canvas papers, paints and markers. Elizabeth also picked up this Mothers Day Notebook which she wants to turn into a Summer holiday Scrapbook. It is great seeing her getting excited about writing and drawing about her summer and she has already started by writing about our adventures at Camp Bestival.
Alison is obsessed with baking and cooking in general and although our cupboard is pretty well stocked with flour and sugar these items from the Jane Asher range can really add to our creations. I also picked up some new wooden spoons so that they can keep these ones for baking and not have to use my normal cooking ones. The Summer Living ice lolly moulds were one of the first items the girls picked up as they really want to try making their own and these are a great size and brilliant quality.
Heading outdoors and we decided that we had to get the twin pack of kites after realising that we have never yet flown kites together. As one of the National Trusts 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4,, we need to get this one ticked off. The girls chose the archery set and as it was a twin pack I was happy to allow it as it would save arguments and I selected the velcro glove and ball set as I remember playing with something similar as a child. 
Our next bundle of outdoor items had a bit more thought to them as we decided that when the weather was nice we would set up a mini sports day in our garden. It was seeing the start and finish flags that gave us the idea and although there were lots of other items to choose from we decided that the egg and spoon race, bean bag balancing and hula hooping looked like the most fun. We also added in skipping ropes as both girls would love to learn to do it properly and a do it yourself hopscotch set for us to use on our driveway.

I was amazed at how far the £20 went and the amount of fun we will have with these items should hopefully keep the girls busy through most of the school holidays. I could have bought even more whilst we were in there because the selection really is fantastic and if you have not had a look at your local Poundland for a while it is definitely worth a trip. I was personally drawn to the dvd and cd section where I wanted to spend ages looking through the selection on offer and finding some of the classics that are missing from my collection. Unfortunately, the kids wanted to look at the toys instead so I might have to sneak back when they are not with me for another look.