7 questions to ask when finding a home care giver

When finding a home caregiver for yourself or for a close loved one, you’ll no doubt have lots of questions to ask as you will want the best care possible. It can be difficult to know exactly what sort of things to ask, especially if it’s something completely new to you.

We’ve put together a list of 7 questions that we think are the most important to ask a potential caregiver or care company when looking for some Extra Care at Home.

What services will be provided?

Different people will need different levels of care and assistance at home, from aid with medical conditions, help with mobility issues or things outside of the house, like getting groceries etc. A lot of companies will provide complete care, but some will only provide certain things, so it’s essential you find out so you can make an informed decision.

Is someone available 24/7?

Particularly if your loved one has a medical condition or is a little unsteady on their feet, you will want reassurance knowing that someone will be available around the clock. Be sure to ask so you will know if this is a possibility or not. A company using home health software are able to ensure that they always have the cover they need so if your usual care giver is not available someone else can step in.

What qualifications do the caregivers have?

You’re fully within your right to ask about the qualifications the company’s caregivers have been awarded, along with their experiences and references. The more open the company is about these sorts of things, it’s usually a better sign. As well as actual qualifications, don’t be afraid to ask about skills including things like cooking and cleaning, too.

What happens if there’s a problem with the caregiver?

You will want to know what the procedure will involve should you experience a problem with your designated caregiver, though obviously you will both hope nothing should go wrong. Ask the company what the procedure involves and if they offer a replacement, for example, or if you will be reimbursed as well. Asking them for an example of where this has happened previously can give you a good insight to how it would work, too.

Are care-giving plans tailored to each person?

Not every care giving plan will work for every person and it’s obviously essential that the company you choose or the individual caregiver you go for has plans in place so that they can achieve a care plan that it specifically tailored to your loved one, so that they receive all of the help they need. There are some tips and advice here for finding at-home care giving options which you may find useful so that you can go into the interview/meeting prepared.

How quickly can the service start?

Choosing your ideal carer is absolutely great, but if they can’t start for another good few months and you need someone urgently, it will suddenly become not-so great. Being upfront with the dates you need someone right from the beginning will be really useful and important, especially if you are not in a position to be flexible.