10 Safety Tips to Follow in Amusement Parks

Who doesn’t enjoy spending a nice summer day at an amusement park? However, these parks are packed with thrills, and accidents can happen at any time. From minor injuries to serious ride malfunctions, being in a theme park requires you to be careful at all times.

Parents or other caregivers can take plenty of steps to ensure that children remain safe during their trip to the amusement park. Even the parks have safety rules to ensure that the visitors enjoy a good time and their trip remains incident-free.

Before indulging in the fun of Dollywood rides, one must read the safety checklist and make all the family members follow it at all costs. Here is a list of the tips that you must follow if you want a safe and happy experience at the theme park:

1. Follow the Rules of the Park

While it may seem to be the most obvious thing to do, but surprisingly, most of the theme park accidents happen because a child or a teenager attempted to disobey the park rules. They show reckless behavior at the park and ignore the warning signs from the employees.

There is no denying that a visit to a theme park isn’t cheap. Thus, parents sometimes force the ride operators to let their child be on the ride because they are close to meeting the weight and height requirements. But, this can compromise the safety of the child.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Kids

The amusement parks are usually crowded. If you have a big family with many children, it is better to have more adults so that it becomes easier to keep a close eye on each child. You must know the exact location of your kids in the park at all times.

As soon as you enter the park, point out safe places and safe people to your children so that they may resort to them if they find themselves lost in the park at any time. Have your name and number written on their arm or put it in their pocket so that others may help them find you.

3. Pay Attention to the Surroundings

It is not just important to watch your kids but also to be aware of those who might be keeping an eye on them. Be watchful of adults who might try to approach and speak to your child. It is better to keep your child under your scrutiny for their protection.

Also, check if the park employees are exhibiting unsafe practices. Are they paying attention to the ride? Are they distracted or on their phone? You should also advise your children to notice such things so that they speak up if something isn’t right.

4. Stay Connected with Each Other

Always have an action plan if the kids get separated. Tell the children to stay where they are and not go looking for the parent or other siblings. As soon as you enter the park, show your kids the park employees and their uniforms so that they know these are people to ask for help.

If not cellphone, then your kids must have your cellphone number so that they can contact you. You can also decide a place where the family members can meet if someone gets lost.

5. Dress Appropriately

While you may be tempted to put your best clothes on and make your kids wear something classy, but don’t forget that you are visiting a theme park. You must dress according to the requirement of the place so that you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Avoid wearing loose clothing as it may get caught on the ride equipment and cause an issue. Do not wear flip-flops to avoid your footwear getting caught on something and causing grave injury. Keep your hair tied, especially on the roller coasters and rides that spin.

6. Don’t Force Anyone for Scary Rides

No one should be forced to go on any ride that scares them. While parents may want their children to enjoy and get rid of the fear, but they may end up traumatizing their children by forcing them to do something they aren’t willing to.

Kids who become paralyzed with fear are not having a good time on the ride. People go to theme parks to enjoy their time and not to be made to take rides they are not comfortable riding in.

7. Eat and Drink Smartly

If you want to have a good time at the park, stay hydrated with a good water intake, especially during the summer trips. You don’t want to lose all your energy and minerals and make yourself feel so tired that you’re unable to enjoy the rest of the day.

It is best to avoid consuming caffeine and candy and take meals at a proper time. One should not eat anything right before taking a ride, particularly that spins you around. You do not want to spoil the trip for yourself and others by getting sick on the ride.

8. Strap and Belt Carefully

Mostly, an attendant walks down the line and ensures that everyone on the ride is sitting properly and belted safely. You must also check your safety gear and ensure to stay seated until the ride comes to a halt.

All the body parts must be inside the ride and never stand or leave your place unless the ride operator gives such instructions. Keep your belongings in zipped or buttoned pockets so that they don’t fall.

9. Additional Safety Measures for Water Rides

If there are water rides at the park, your family must observe additional safety measures. The most important thing to be aware of is your child’s swimming ability. Never allow them into wave pools without a life vest if their swimming skills are not strong.

Most Dollywood water parks offer free vests to visitors, and the lifeguards can find the right size for your child. Parents must teach the children not to swallow chlorine water and reapply the sunscreen after their water activities. Also, stay nearby so that you can respond in case of an emergency.

10. Have an Escape Plan

Scared or startled crowds are always dangerous, especially for little kids. Already have an escape plan discussed with your family if an accident occurs, weather changes, or any other unexpected incident takes place that can cause park-wide chaos.

Try to take any of the small exits and avoid the main entrances of the park. There are high chances that they may get clogged. If you are unable to find an exit, try to get to the perimeter of the park to avoid the hustle.


A visit to a theme park will always remain etched in the memories of your children. Experiences of Pigeon Forge Cabins, a water park and a lot more will make your trip memorable.  Make sure that they only have good things to remember about the trip by observing all the above-mentioned tips so that they stay secure and protected at all times. Prepare your child well before the visit. Guide them thoroughly about the rules of the park and ask them not to be intimidated by anything. While observing the security measures, they should also be able to enjoy their visit to the park and make everlasting me