10 Positive Impacts of 10-minute Morning Yoga

Feeling depressed? Not being able to motivate yourself to carry out the daily chores? Are you having daily pain in your lower back or in other parts of your body? Do not worry as 10 minutes of Yoga a day will help you keep your doctor and psychologist away.

There have been many pieces of research which prove that performing yoga for just 10 minutes in the morning will help you solve all of your emotional and mental problems decreasing your overall health. The performance of yoga mostly focuses on maintaining and improving your breathing techniques, allowing you to improve your body, mind and health. Additionally, yoga also helps you to get rid of your bad habits by focusing on the positive aspects of life and becoming a more beneficial member of society.

Here are the 10 positive impacts of performing 10-minute morning yoga as highlighted by www.itsalife.com.au

  1. Yoga allows you to improve your overall mental and emotional problems by allowing you to have control over breathing technique while being in certain poses. This allows you to focus only on one aspect while removing all the negative thoughts in the mind.
  2. In yoga you have to assume a certain pose for a duration of time while holding or controlling your breath, hence it allows for a decrease in depression and anxiety.
  3. There are many poses available for yoga and each pose has its own benefits in allowing you to focus on your body parts where you feel the most pain. One common positive impact as perceived by many people performing yoga is reduced pain in the lower back.
  4. Additionally, 10 minutes of yoga opens the muscles in your body by stretching them in different poses, thereby, enabling you to have a more flexible body.
  5. There are many different poses of yoga that target different muscles in your body making them stronger and flexible.
  6. Yoga allows having better balance in the body, as the warrior pose in yoga focuses on enhancing the stamina and balance of muscles.
  7. Furthermore, performing yoga for 10 minutes, especially in the morning allows you to reduce your weight. This helps you to achieve a beautiful body adored by many. Yoga helps to burn fat and increase the body’s rate of metabolism
  8. Yoga directly impacts the energy levels in your body. Performing yoga, especially in the morning when you feel lazy and demotivated, allows you to be filled with energy and quickly and efficiently finish all your daily chores.
  9. Addition of different yoga poses in your daily 10-minute yoga routine allows you to enhance serotonin levels within your body, benefitting you with a happy state of mind.
  10. The performance of yoga in the morning and focusing your mind onto a specific pose and have control over your breathing allows you to become more mindful of your surrounding presences and also improves your concentration in tasks you perform daily.