Start running for better health

Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run. So is running just for furry little bunnies or is it something anyone can get involved in? Millions of people around the world have taken up running. Some run for fun, some run to get fit and some run for competition. It’s true to say that running is a massive part of many people’s lives. So in general what are the pro’s and con’s of running and why should you think about getting involved in it?

Well for a start running is one of the cheapest sports available. All you really need to run is a good pair of running shoes and some basic clothing. From here on there is no limit to how often or how far you can run, it’s just such a simple sport to get involved in.

The only real downside of running is the slight risk of injury. If you’re running on roads it can damage your knees if you do it over a longer period of time. Plus it can be a little boring if you’re doing long runs, to combat this, many people listen to music while they run. This can be good as a motivational tool as well as making your running more enjoyable.

If you’re new to running you need to start off slow and build up. Just run for five minutes the first time and then as you increase your fitness you can run for longer periods of time and at a greater intensity. Don’t make the mistake of running every day! This will damage your muscles and lead to injury. The best routine is to do your major run one day, then the following day do a recovery run which should be about a third the distance and at a nice easy pace. On the third day, you can have a well-earned rest. Then start over on the fourth day.

The footwear is very important. Don’t make the mistake that many people do and run in any old shoes. If you are wearing the wrong kind of footwear this can lead to injury. Ideally, you should go to your local running shop. Here professionals can examine your feet and the way you run. Then they will suggest a suitable shoe that suits your style of running. This may be a little more expensive but it will greatly decrease your chances of injury and help you to run further. If you are wearing a good quality running shoe you are less likely to experience pain and you will not tire out as quickly, this will obviously make running more of a pleasure rather than it being a chore.

Running really can help you forget all your troubles in life. When it’s just you and the open road nothing really matters, you can focus on the path ahead and enjoy your music or the peace and quiet of nature. Where you run is also important. Most people run around their neighbourhood, which is fine. But why not get out there into mother nature and see some of the beauty the world has to offer. Running in scenic spots really can be a wonderful experience, you see so much when you run and may notice things you have not seen before.

Running is also proven to help fight depression, being outside in the fresh air and training your muscles is a real morale booster and can really lift your spirits. Keeping your body fit and healthy helps boost your immune system and promotes healthy living. People who run and keep fit are thought to have a higher life expectancy and a better outlook on life. There are so many physical benefits you will enjoy if you take up running.

Running can also be a very social thing. Some people prefer to run on their own, but many people do it either in pairs or in groups. There are many running clubs that you can get involved in, these tend to cater for all different levels of fitness so don’t panic if you’re new to the sport. Joining these clubs is a great way to meet people and make new friends who have similar interests to your own. The other advantage of running in groups or with a partner is that you can motivate each other and keep pushing your fitness level forward.

So overall we would have to conclude that running is a great activity that most people can get involved in. It’s cheap, fun, healthy and even sociable. There is so much good to be said for running and I know many people who have improved their lives by getting involved in it. So strap on your running shoes and get out your door and simply…Run!

If you are looking at getting started, check out one of the many Couch to 5k apps which help you in nice easy steps.