0mg E-liquid Juices to try for Vapers who want No-Nicotine options

A lot of vapers started off as a way to cut down on smoking and the amount of nicotine that they were consuming. However, more and more people are now enjoying the sensation of vaping and are still wanting to cut out the nicotine. What I didn’t realise is that you can actually buy 0mg e-liquid that means that they contain no nicotine at all. So if you are a vaper who enjoys vaping but wants to cut out the nicotine check out the list of 0mg vape flavours below and choose your favourite.

Ethos Candy Treats Jawbreaker – with a blue raspberry flavour, this is a great treat that won’t hurt your teeth. This 0mg vape e-liquid is perfect for a vaper with a sweet tooth.

Fuji by Peak – The Peak 0mg E-liquids are named after different mountains and are made from a blend of flavours. Fuji is lemonade and lychee which sounds refreshing. You can also get Everest, Rocky and K2 among others.

Lil Purp – One of the smaller 0mg bottles Lil Purp has a grape hard candy lemonade flavour.  Described as the flavour you have been looking for this is definitely one to try.

Vikki Sponge by Momo e-Liquid – Another sweet treat, this 0mg E-liquid has a classic victoria sponge flavour which makes it a great after dinner vape.

Mint Caramel Coffee by Lush Juice – If you want something with a stronger taste then Mint Caramel Coffee by Lush juice provides it. The strong flavours work well together.

Vape E-liquids are available in so many flavours that you are bound to find the 0mg flavour of your dreams. This can really help you to reduce your nicotine intake levels or cut them out completely.

What is your favourite vape flavour? Have you considered switching to a 0mg e-liquid?