WB Studio Tours – Where the magic of Harry Potter happened


Well I have one very jealous husband who was unable to join us on Friday when I took some of my family over to the WB Studio tour the making of Harry Potter.

The girls are just at the right age where they are starting to enjoy some of the earlier Harry Potter films and they love some of the characters already. Hagrid, Hedwig and Dobby being firm favourites.

The studio tour started in the fashion in which it continued with you coming face to face with some amazing props before you even enter the building.

Everywhere you look in the entrance hall is another piece of the films from the flying Ford Anglia to Harry Potter’s suitcase and trolley from Kings Cross station. The queue did look quite long but thankfully as people are issued timed tickets it moves at a sensible pace and doesn’t get too long. The whole reason for the hold up is that the first thing you enter is a cinematic screening of some highlights of the shows as well as some explanations of how it came to be made into a film.

The first room in the tour is the great hall, a fantastic display of the tables, house uniforms and costumed worn by some of the main characters.

The whole day was filled with things to look at and I am sure I missed most of it. I could have easily spent a whole day in there wandering around and spotting new things every time. Unlike a museum they have really thought about the layout and how to display each object with things placed together to form the special rooms from the movies or by character. I loved the Death Eaters, especially the one on the end looking a different way to the rest. I really felt as though he was watching me as I took this photo.

We had so many highlights to the tour and there is far too much to tell you about but I would hate to spoil it for you. Needless to say we rode broomsticks, drove the ford Anglia, jumped on the Knight Bus and drank Butterbeer as well as seeing some amazing creatures and fantastic sets.


I always thought that this would be the sort of place you would only visit once but I cant wait to go back and this time without the children so I can really immerse myself in the world of Harry Potter and take in all of the details that were on show. I might even take hubby along next time too.