The Top Things to Do in Finland

Visiting Finland makes an exotic trip. The Northern country is very different from the rest of Europe in terms of climate, nature, and culture. The country can be visited all year round, but your experience in the summer will be completely different from that of the winter. You can visit Finland alone, with your other half or with the whole family and the country still has lots and lots to offer.

We suggest making your visit to Finland special and out of the ordinary, as it is truly a special place. In this article, we highlight the top things you can do in Finland using the help of Finnish iGaming expert Auli Wälkky, whom you can read more about here.


The vast majority of tourists arrive in Finland by plane, so it makes sense to start your trip by checking out the capital, Helsinki. There are lots of things to do in Finland Helsinki, so you can easily spend a day or two here before you head out to the countryside.

In the morning, check out the market square, Kauppatori, and enjoy this typical Northern European market with lots of local foods to sample. Try Finnish bakery products and some local berries that are non-existent in the rest of Europe.
In the afternoon, explore the Seurasaari Open Air Museum on Seurasaari island and learn about traditional life in Finland. The museum features wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, farm buildings, and you can learn about traditional crafts.

There are some crazy things to do in Finland in winter, too. If you are with your kids, we recommend visiting Linnanmäki Amusement Park, where the kids will definitely enjoy the awesome rides and attractions. However, if you are after adult entertainment, visit Casino Helsinki. Finns love to gamble, and they created Casino Helsinki with top entertainment in mind. If you would rather spend the evening in your hotel room, you can still play casino games such as slots, poker, or backgammon netissä.


Lapland is a magical place. In the summer you will have 24 hours of sunlight, while in the winter you will not see the sun for months. Both experiences are special, but you will have to decide which one to choose. There are plenty of things to do in Finland in the winter months. You can go reindeer or husky sledding any time as snow is still guaranteed in Northern Finland during winter. This activity is both for adults and kids, and it is the best way to discover Finland’s nature.

During the summer month, you can go hiking in one of Lapland’s national parks. Finland’s Everyman’s right guarantees that you can walk anywhere without trespassing. Moreover, you can pick mushrooms and berries anywhere you desire, as the forest belongs to everyone!

Southern Finland

If you are short on time and wonder what to do in Southern Finland, you should concentrate on attractions around Turku. Most of the country’s population live in the South and you will find plenty of things to do here. Visit the Turku Castle for starters and wander through the medieval fortress, the dungeon, and the galleries it hosts. Cruising is a popular weekend activity in Finland and from Turku, you can catch a boat and have a quick visit to neighboring Sweden. On these boats, you will find all sorts of entertainment from shows to karaoke. Eat reindeer meat in one of the restaurants and dance the night away in the onboard nightclub!


A visit to Finland should be on everybody’s bucket list. Finland is a truly unique country that has lots to offer to all age groups. From husky sleighing to visiting Santa and from a casino visit to mushroom picking, there is something for everyone.