South Lakes Wild Animal park, the best zoo ever!

Ok two hours just to get to a zoo when we have Chester Zoo within 30 minutes and Blackpool Zoo with an hour may seem like madness to some people but they have more than likely never been to South Lakes Wild animal park. First, let me just say this is in no way a sponsored post and we paid to get in (well Hubby did as kids are free until the end of March and with it being Mothers Day weekend I got in free too) we love this place and go back a few times in the year.

The animal encounters you can get here are like no other, hand-feeding giraffes carrots, giving the penguins their lunch of slippery fish, walking around with lemurs everywhere. There were parrots flying loose all around the park, cheeky tamarins casually sitting on benches and waiting to make people jump and you can even buy a bag of food for the wallabies and emus.

This is what I decided I wanted for Mothers Day a family day out for us all to enjoy and making memories.