Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park


On our way home from Butlins the other week we decided to use our free tickets for Peppa Pig World that I was sent by the lovely people at Evolution PR.

The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot and with the help of a Queue Assist Pass we managed to go on nearly all the rides that we wanted too without exhausting Elizabeth too much. The last time we were here was the week before Elizabeth as diagnosed so she wasn’t really up for any of the rides so it was a real treat for her.

We did leave at three o’clock as she was getting tired so we didn’t make it completely around the park which is a shame but I am sure we will visit again later on the year.

Once again Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park gave our family some fabulous memories and put smiles on the girls faces. I am glad that Elizabeth isn’t a thrill seeker though as it gave me an excuse to stay off some of the bigger rides that Alison and Daddy enjoyed together.