All You Need to Know About Lake Como, Italy

If your dream vacation consists of being around glittering waters in a dainty, victorian villa, then you will be happy to hear about Lake Como. Lake Como, or Lago di Como, as the locals refer to it, has it all, from the pure cottage-core experience to the ‘House of Gucci’ villa experience. It is considered one of the most sought-after havens in the world. The option of seclusion or luxury depends on the one visiting, as  Lake Como lacks absolutely nothing. You can find the best luxury villas on Lake Como and allow yourself to get engulfed in a serene trance which transports you back into time. 

The lake itself is located near the marvellous Milan, and the calming waters of the glacial Lake Como uniquely resemble the stem of a catapult. The beautiful lake is surrounded by a ton of resort villages. So, if you are planning to visit Lake Como, here is all you need to know:

The Weather In Lake Como, Italy

First, the weather. Since Lake Como is a part of northern Italy, prepare yourself for the continental climate. Although the summers are pretty hot and humid, the winters can be extremely harsh since it is biting cold. However, the spring weather averages around 16℃, which allow the subtropical plants to grow and flourish. These plants truly add beauty to the greenery around the lake. On the other hand, the rainy season lasts for about a month in May. And, the autumn months that one can experience in October to November can bring about a wide variety of colours in the trees, which becomes a sight for sore eyes.

The snowfall in Lake Como is unpredictable, but it can be expected by the end of December or even early January. Therefore, one can say that the weather at Lake Como in Italy makes it a year-round vacation spot in Europe.

How To Get Around Lake Como

Secondly, since the lake’s shape is highly distinct, it can be a little challenging to get around it. After all, one can not be expected to walk around an entire lake. So, one of the most popular transportation methods is taking a ferry from one town to another. Keep in mind that this is the mode of transportation that locals and visitors tend to opt for.

Explore Town Como

Lake Como has a ton of activities, beautiful spots, scenic backdrops and more. But, if you are planning to tour the nearby areas, your best bet is the town of Como. It is an easily overlooked town. Visitors usually think it is nothing more than a simple stopover for people travelling to further towns of Lake Como. However, Como can surprise you. It can offer quite a few incredible things if you do decide to give it a chance. You can not complete the Victorian-themed without visiting the hidden gems in Como like the infamous 15th-century church or taking a funicular to Brunate. The high point of this town is the perfect picnic spot as it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the town as well as its surroundings.