Memories were made

When you book a holiday you hope that you are making memories and I know that holidays at Butlins do just that.

We saw some great new shows including Sooty, Magic you can do and Animal Adventures. We met the new Skyline Gang, we met some great new redcoats and of course, the most important new addition to Butlins, the lovely Bonnie Bear. Yes you read it here Billy Bear has a girlfriend.

Whilst enjoying all the new things we were sad to realise some people had left before the start of the season including some of our favourite redcoats and Alison’s all time favourite character Daisy Cow who has left Butlins and gone to Hollywood to pursue her dreams of becoming a star.

I decided to turn this into a memory post so below is a selection of photos from our trips dating back to June 2010 when we first went for Elizabeths 2nd Birthday.


Our holidays make great memories and that is why we go back again and again. To us Butlins means happy memories that will last forever.