Mark Warner Lakitira resort Kos

Wow, what a week we have just had. If you are on any of my social media feeds I apologise profusely for making you jealous with all of my Instagrams over the past week but everything was just too gorgeous not to take photos.


We landed back into Soggy England on Saturday and I have been really struggling to get back into the swing of blogging. Not just because of the holiday but because of a huge to-do list and that fact that we are away again on Thursday morning off to Disneyland Paris for a few nights.

Winning a holiday to Kos from Mark Warner and Kiddicare was amazing and it was the first holiday abroad that we have taken the girls on in four years (since our honeymoon). We had no idea what to expect as we have only ever been to Butlins since then.

Lakitira resort was a truly stunning setting with fantastic grounds and beautiful clear sea, it provided us with some stunning photos and some even better family memories. The girls loved the Mini Club which they took part in each morning and saw them doing activities like windsurfing and Kayaking as well as watching a film in the evening so we could eat our dinner in peace. We spent the mornings relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea or reading a book and the afternoons playing with the girls in the kid’s pool or on the playground. The staff in the Mini club for 2 to 5-year-olds (and all other other childcare clubs) were fantastic. They were all English speaking and the girls took to them straight away.

The food at Lakitira was brilliant with a variety of dishes on offer each dinner time. Breakfast was all pretty much the same (although very nice) but if I was a vegetarian I may have struggled if I wanted a hot breakfast as they sometimes put meat in the scrambled egg and potato dish. The girls loved the fresh pancakes and hot dog type sausages. There was always plenty of fresh fruit, salads and different fresh pieces of bread as well as a fantastic Hellenic selection of foods to try. The restaurant had themed nights throughout the week which brought a huge variety of things to try and my main problem of the week was how to fit it all onto my plate. Lunch was all fairly similar with pizza, chips and salad always available as well as some greek dishes and grill products. My only concern with the food was kid’skids high tea as it was quite plain but on retrospect all the other children seemed to enjoy this more and it was just ours that liked a bit more variety.

We are not really into sailing so we didn’t take any of the boats out as we missed the introduction lessons but this is something I would rectify if we went again as I feel as though we missed out. I really wanted to take the girls out on one of the boats but didn’t feel confident enough to do this alone. There were a huge selection of boats to choose from including fun kayaks and fun boats for novices up to some very good boats (or so I was told) for the more experienced sailors. I personally felt a couple of pedalos for complete novices wouldn’t have done any harm and would be a great introduction for the parents of younger children.

Our accommodation was brilliant with two bathrooms and an upstairs bedroom for us and a downstairs bedroom for the girls. We had a patio and a balcony and a stray cat who turned up every morning begging for cream and ham. The girls soon got in the habit of sneaking a few extra titbits from breakfast which the cat really enjoyed. With plain white washed walls the accommodation was clean, spacious and minimalistic which I really enjoyed. Hubby was not too impressed with having two single beds pushed together but I found I slept better in the heat with him further away from me so I won’t complain about that. There was air conditioning on both floors which meant that we can set a different temperature for the girls room which was really handy. Our room came with a fridge which we quickly stocked with local beer to enjoy on the beach.

This holiday really was a holiday of a lifetime, one that I want to repeat again and again. We spent a lot of the holiday with other parents around the pool and they were all repeated customers of Mark Warner. We have been told to try some of the other resorts as they are all fantastic and Corsica and Sardinia were recommended a lot as well as their Ski holidays. It looks like we may have to think about leaving the UK more often and now I have found a company which can provide fantastic food, amazing childcare and brilliant experiences all in the same place I don’t think I will be looking too far in future.