Madame Tussauds Blackpool – A playful, immersive and interactive day out

We have always been fans of Madame Tussauds Blackpool and when we had our Merlin Annual Passes we always fitted in a trip. Last weekend we headed up to Blackpool to see what had changed since we were there last and we were pleasantly surprised. We were gifted with tickets in exchange for this review.


Not long after you enter Madame Tussauds Blackpool you come to a very dark gloomy wooded area, the attention to detail here makes if very immersive. In the first section, you may need to look hard to find Doctor Who’s special sonic screwdriver. You then turn the corner to come upon the TARDIS and the Doctors assistant. We are not Doctor Who fans but even I could appreciate this area. 

After this area, there is a dress-up option where you can wear some different Doctor Who based outfits and pose for a picture. There were various costumes displayed here including a Dalek which is pretty cool, you can’t try these ones on though!

In the next area, there are a variety of different bits to explore. This is one of our favourite sections from walking on the I’m a Celebrity bridge to hanging out with ET there is so much to see here. I loved the space section with Professor Brian Cox where you can turn on various light switches to see the constellations in the sky and also listen to his hologram tell you all about space.

This area is also home to Ben Fogle and David Attenborough as well as quite a few creepy crawlies which then leads you into the I’m a celebrity jungle.


The I’m a Celebrity jungle area has been there a while but that doesn’t stop both of my girls enjoying it, they love the bridge, the maze and putting their hands inside the hell holes to find the stars which I still find horrible even though I know there is nothing alive in there.

After this, we headed to the Sports Stars area where we really enjoyed taking it in turns to take some penalties. I have to admit it is very odd kicking a ball that isn’t really there but I was pretty good at it. Alison really enjoyed opening the lockers and reading about all the weird things you would find inside. Did you know that Gazza had a light switch in his locker?

Next up was the Sporting Heroes Academy, something we had never seen before and a great new addition. In this area we threw “darts”, tested our skills on a buzz wire, crawled through a laser maze and tried our luck on the interactive climbing wall. There were hardly any queues for each activity and they were lots of fun. It was great being able to be competitive as well with us taking it in turns to see who could win each activity.

Turning the next corner and we entered my very own slice of heaven. I am a huge Marvel fan and the MARVEL SUPER HEROES area is amazing.

You start off with a huge gallery of Marvel comics where we all wanted to take them home and then we headed in to see the different Marvel wax figures. The first one we saw was Thor with his hammer, unfortunately, none of us was the chosen one but you can try and pick it up for yourself. Next, we got to meet the Hulk and have a go at hulking out ourselves by lifting this fantastic car which had lights and sounds that made the whole area look amazing. Lizzy enjoyed showing off lifting the car with one hand.

There is also a really cool bit where you can fly with Iron Man or have your photo taken hanging from a building with Spiderman. We loved taking photos with Groot and the new Captain Marvel wax figure.

At this point, we were starting to get thirsty so it was a perfect time to stop and enjoy a drink in the Rovers, a replica of the infamous pub from Coronation Street.

After Coronation Street, it was time to head into the Music Stars section where you can play on the drums, pose with the wax figures and even list to music from past decades. We had a lot of fun having a dance to some great music from the past.

Best of British is much more of a pose with wax figures area and it would have been good to see something interactive here. However, we did enjoy having a picture with the Queen, Sooty and with the various James Bonds from across the years.

Festival Fields had some great photo opps from posing in a camper van to giant wellies, you can even sing karaoke with Olly Murs if you are brave enough.

Our journey around Madame Tussauds Blackpool ended with some great TV stars but we did find that these were not people who my daughters knew as they wouldn’t watch those shows. However, I loved taking photos of them and the attention to detail is amazing.

Overall we had an amazing day filled with interactive exhibits, fabulous photo opportunities and lots of opportunities for a giggle.