Lollibop Festival 2014 – better than ever

Last year I had tickets to attend Lollibop festival for two days, I only used one day. This year I had tickets for one day and wish we had tickets for two!

We have always loved the Lollibop festival and think that it is what you make it but this year we really enjoyed it. In the fantastic Hatfield House venue it was spacious, green and easy to drive too.

Lollibop festival always has a fantastic line up and you could sit and watch the stages all day if you wanted too but if you didn’t there was so much to do.

We didn’t actually catch too many of the stage shows, we did watch Mister Maker and Steffi Love and we caught bits of other shows but what we did do was spend our day investigating all the hands on areas that were dotted around the site.

Alison is very much into experiments so she really enjoyed the Science Museum area where we got hands on with some amazing science experiments.

We all enjoyed watching the Animal Man in the National Geographic area and we got to see and meet some animals that even I have never seen before such as an armadillo and a skunk. All the children got a chance to stroke a variety of animals from snakes to chinchillas and the Animal Man was very funny and we were disappointed that we missed the beginning of his show because we stayed all the way to the end. In fact the girls showed such an interest in the animals that we actually signed up to the National Geographic Kids magazine offer that was available at Lollibop.
New to Lollibop festival for 2014 was the wizard school area where Harry and Hagrid were on hand to entertain the masses, have photos and put on shows. There was also a variety of craft activities such as making wands, planting a magic bean or making a witches hat.
The girls even managed to design their own tshirt in the River Island Kids Design Den.
We made our way around the whole of the venue looking at all the fantastic things to do and taking part in so much but we still didnt get to do everything. In fact we missed so much that we would need a second day just to fit in all the things we didnt do!

To give you an idea of how much is on offer I thought I would list all of the things that we didn’t get a chance to do.

Tottenham hotsour football skills
Martial Arts
Hatfield Farm
Car Boot Bingo
Hula hooping
Londons largest dressing up box
Junk Orchestra
Robot relay
Den making
Wool craft
Poetry takeaway
everybody join in
Under 3’s
Incredible eggs
Charity shop DJ
Learn and Enjoy
Pirate training school
Bear Grylls survival academy
Disco shed
Baby Ballet
Itsy Bitsy strictly
Old Fashioned sports day

Wow that is exhausting just listing them. We did not stop the whole time we were at Lollibop and we were there from 10am until 6pm.

It was an amazing day full of fabulous adventures that I wish we could repeat all over again, would I change anything?

Well yes actually but its only a small thing. Unfortunately we missed Cook and Line from Swashbuckle which the girls were disappointed about. We missed them as they were the first show and it was not repeated at all during the day. As we didnt have the timetable before we arrived I would have liked to have seen the first act on repeated later on in the day so something like Postman Pat, Mr Bloom, Andy Day’s live show or Chris and Pui’s mini roadshow that were all repeated would have been a good first act of the day.

If you are still umming and aahhing about going tomorrow take my advice and get yourself down there for a day full of family fun.