I’m a Celebrity Jungle Challenge – is it worth the money?

We are always looking for fun activities to do as a family but with the kids getting older it is getting harder to find something suitable. We headed to I’m a Celebrity Jungle Challenge in Salford to see what all of the fuss is about. We were joined by Chelsea Mamma and some of her family which made the day even better as we had more people to compete with

The I’m a Celebrity jungle challenge is not a cheap day out. Children under the age of 18 but over the height (1.35m) and weight (4st 10lbs) restrictions below cost £27.50 each to take part, Adults are £30 and to spectate you have to pay £10 and be 8 years old or over. There are some cheaper early evening weekend tickets available if you are able to be flexible with your time.

The I’m a Celebrity jungle challenge has various challenges where you can collect stars. When we first booked I was disappointed to see that a spectator cost £10 and I couldn’t quite understand how that could be justified but there are even some activities for spectators. There are 10 stars hidden on the ground level for you to find as well as 4 dingo dollar phones where you can score stars by answering kiosk Kev’s questions correctly. Spectators also get 3 digital photos included with a variety of photo opportunities for you to use.

The Trials

The ‘Treetop trail’ is an assault course up high where you have to wear a harness and a helmet. With bridges, nets and more this is lots of fun for all.

Jump the lights is a zip wire where you were supposed to jump when the light flashed, the faster your reaction the more stars you received.

The Jungle run was the real challenge with lots of physical challenges such as monkey bars for people to try. In this area, you need to remember a pattern of lights after each activity which gets progressively harder as you go along.

There was also the Ascent climbing wall, Get a grip challenge and the treehouse included in the price but you had to pay extra for the SpyRider which I personally don’t think was worth it after paying so much for entry. The kids thought it was fun and it was a bit different but for £3 it was over very quickly. They restrict sales for the Spyrider to ease queues so we had to wait a bit to be able to buy a ticket to ride it so I wish we had got it earlier rather than wait until the end.

I was really impressed with how competitive everyone got and it was really close at the end. Elizabeth was really happy to have come 2nd just behind Isaac.

Overall the theming is great, the trials were lots of fun and the inclusive digital photos (5 for participants and 3 for spectators) made a great added bonus. We were not there the 3 hours that they state on their website but that was because we headed there early and we encountered no queues for any of the activities however on exit we did see a large queue of people waiting to go in so I suggest going early if you want to do things without waiting around.

The only downside to the I’m a Celebrity jungle challenge for us (apart from the price) was that you couldn’t try any of the activities again and the climbing wall only allowed you to touch the floor 3 times so those who were not used to it and struggled to get started missed out on this activities. It would be better if it was timed instead to give people more of a chance.

Overall I’m a celebrity jungle challenge was a great activity but not even half a day out, the kids and big kids had a brilliant time trying all the activities but I am not sure we would do it again. So a bit of a mixed reaction really. Fun but expensive. It didn’t take too long yet there were no queues when we went. The inclusion of the digital photos and the fact there were activities for spectators meant we didn’t feel ripped off when not taking part but it would have been good if there was a little bit more. I think it is a decent attempt at something but it could have done with being in a bigger venue with a few more activities to really make me feel that we got our money’s worth.