Hard Rock Cafe Kids are Roxtars

Last week we headed over to Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester to check out the new kids menu – Roxtars
There was a great selection of food that was perfect for all kids with the normal pizza, burger, chicken nuggets that kids seem to love as well as grilled chicken breast, salad and pasta on the menu and with fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables and the choice of fries or mash there really should be something for even the fussiest child.
The thing that the girls really loved though was the new Rockin’ Activity book. I am sure as parents you might have been to a restaurant where they get a single sheet of paper with a maze puzzle and some colouring that they have completed before you have even ordered your dinner. Well the Rockin’ Activity book contained lots of pages of colouring, puzzles, naughts and crosses, stickers and more and to make it even cooler the crayons for each pack are stored in a fabulous little hide away pocket at the back. These activity packs kept them occupied the whole time we were in the restaurant and a lot since too as Elizabeth has taken to carrying hers with her in the car when we travel.
When the kids food arrived they both absolutely loved their plates and really enjoyed having the different sections for the dips and fruit. I have to say I was quite jealous when my meal came out on a boring plate as I would have quite enjoyed eating off a guitar shaped plate too!

All in all I think the new Roxtars menu is a definite success and Hard Rock Cafe is somewhere I would now go to for the kids rather than drag them along when I want to eat there. I am sure your little ones would love to get to know the Roxtars and to sample this great menu.