Halloween fun at York Maze

We absolutely love York Maze and so whilst staying in York at Jollydays Glamping site we headed over there for the day.

As well as the standard entertainment (minus the maze), York Maze had a lot of Halloween activities to keep the kids occupied.

After finding their way through the House of Cornfusion they headed to a pop up animal encounter tent where they got to hold a variety of snakes, lizards and hedgehogs. There was also a variety of birds of prey but the girls didn’t want to hold those as there was so much else to do.
They loved painting on the mural, walking the spooky path and looking at all the halloween decorations dotted around. We did find that some of the acting of the Halloween characters was beyond cringe worthy but the kids seemed to enjoy it although we didnt fancy sitting through 20 minutes of it in the Phantomine and as the kids were having so much fun on the jumping pillow and in the sand pit we didn’t want to disturb them.
The highlight of the day had to be the pumpkin carving and all the children got to choose their own pumpkin to carve and keep and we had lots of fun doing this. There was lots of utensils available to use and the set up was perfect.
There was also a display of some fabulous carved pumpkins including the biggest pumpkin I have ever seen.
The pumpkins looked fantastic at night and the girls were very proud of their creations.
We really enjoyed heading back to York Maze and it really is a fantastic place to visit with so much to do. We look forward to returning again next summer for even more adventures.