Greencoats at Butlins? An exclusive interview 

A Great new initiative sees some of our favourite redcoats donning some lovely green leisure coats and the cutest green converse trainers.

The greencoats are in charge of taking families out onto the local beaches to explore the seaside and find out more about the wildlife that inhabits its shores. The redcoats chosen worked with their local wildlife trust to learn about the local wildlife and create some great beach activities for all the family. As a huge fan of Butlins I think that this is a great idea so I asked for the opportunity to interview one of the newly trained green coats.

I met up with the lovely Ellen, one of Bognors Green coats to ask her a few questions as I joined her and Greencoat Charlotte on the nature walk. Ellen is a redcoat that we have come to know over the last two years and it was great seeing her in her new role. She was so interested in what she talking about that you really felt the enthusiasm and you can see that enthusiasm spread through the group. With over 30 guests joining us, the two Greencoats handed out buckets and leaflets and took us to the beach to hunt for shells, interesting rocks and creatures.

Ellen loved working with the Local wildlife trust who was amazed at the many different varieties of seaweed seen Bognors beach. We had a great time walking the beach looking at rocks spotting cockles, whelks and limpets as well as finding lots of Cuttlefish, shells and seaweed. It was so nice to see so many children enjoying this activity and when we all came together at the end to share our finds it was amazing to see what people had found including a fossil. Ellen said herself that she never thought there was much life on Bognor beach so she was very surprised after her wildlife trust training when she realised just how much life is hiding away waiting to be found.

The Internet here is not great so when I get back to somewhere with a decent connection I will load some more lovely photos but in the mean time why not download the great beach guide so you can have a look for yourself.