Fun On A Budget – Helpful Tips For Saving Money On Holidays Abroad

These days, our lives are often so busy and stressful that we can’t help looking forward to our next vacation and seeing it as an oasis of calm, fun, and relaxation in the midst of our hectic schedules. Unfortunately, with the cost of living crisis currently making a dent in so many household bank accounts, in 2023 the prospect of a family holiday abroad can generate just as much stress as it’s supposed to soothe.

But don’t worry – if you’re desperate to give your kids a magical vacation overseas without breaking the bank, there are some top travel tips that you can use to help you find the ideal balance between having fun and saving your hard-earned cash. Here they are!

Use Comparison Sites

Airfare is usually one of the most costly elements of any family vacation. However, you can save yourself some money by using price comparison sites to source the cheapest tickets for you and your loved ones. Sites such as Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak will compare and contrast flight prices from literally thousands of virtual travel agents to help you find the best possible price for your destination.

You can also do the same trick when it comes to your accommodation, comparing hotel costs to find the best possible rates. On the other hand, you may want to try Airbnb, as properties listed here can often be much cheaper than a standard hotel or B&B – and they’ll feel more homely.

Get Your GHIC

That’s right: although we’re not in the EU anymore, the good news is that the UK is still included in the European healthcare scheme known, in this country, as GHIC. While it doesn’t provide the same protection as travel insurance, it can still provide a welcome financial safety net should anything go wrong while you’re on holiday – for instance, if you need to go to a hospital for a medical emergency. This kind of assistance is bound to give you very welcome peace of mind, especially if you have young kids.

You can apply for your free GHIC card here!

Head To Disneyland On The Cheap

If you have children of a certain age, you’ve probably already been treated to the “Please can we go to Disneyland, please” speech a fair few times.

While the cost of trips to the Magic Kingdom may have put you off until now, you’re in for a pleasant revelation; with the help of PGL, you can now find cheap Disneyland Paris holidays that won’t put too hefty a dent in your bank balance.

The Family Disney Explorer package allows you to spend three enchanting nights at a gorgeous chateau within easy reach of Disney, so you can make the most of the vibrant parades, ‘meet the character’ moments, and all of the exciting theme park rides your offspring have probably been dreaming of for so long.


The cost of living crisis may have made it harder than ever to provide magical and memorable holidays for your kids – but the good news is that with some careful preparation and planning (not to mention the right deals) you and your loved ones can still savour an unforgettable family vacation overseas.