Frankie and Bennys New kids Menu

We love visiting Frankie and Bennys as it is one of the only restaurants where we know we will all be happy with the menu. Although we do enjoy going for a curry or a chinese the girls can be a bit fussy depending on the day but they love going to Frankie and Bennys and we love the price too.

We were invited along to try out the new Kids and Juniors menu at our local Frankie and Bennys on Friday night.

Elizabeth is never very adventurous but she was feeling hungry so she upgraded her dinner from the kids spaghetti bolognese to the Juniors portion, she actually ate the whole lot too! Alison opted for one of the new items on the menu the fun make-your-own Wrap It Up Chicken. With some delicious breaded chunks of chicken breast  served with a variety of salad, cheese and wraps she really enjoyed this dinner.
However the thing that had caught both of their eyes before we even sat at the table was the Ice Cream Candy Shop. This was advertised on signs outside the restaurant and on the back of the toilet doors and I have to say I was almost tempted to order it myself.
The ice cream candy shop comes with two scoops of ice cream of your choice, a tub of marshmallows, three milk bottles filled with a variety of sweets, a sachet of popping candy and a bowl of chocolate sauce. I thought that this was a much better idea that the typical ice cream factories you find in some restaurants. I always wonder at the germs breeding on those things. This is great way to have all the fun of making your own ice cream special just the way you like it.
I seriously recommend that Frankie and Bennys do a grown up version with different ice creams and candy options, it might actually tempt me away from the peanut butter cheesecake that is always my downfall.

If you fancy popping along to your local Frankie and Bennys I would recommend that you download the app where you can find a kids eat free on fridays offer as well as other offers such as a free cocktail!