Celebrity Cruises Anturus Explorer Academy

A few weeks ago we were invited to spend a few hours aboard the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship to learn more about the Anturus Explorer Academy kids club. When we have cruised in the past my girls have both loved spending time in the kids club but what stands the Anturis Explorer Academy apart from other kids clubs is that is has a focus on STEM whilst also being fun.

The Explorer Academy is exclusive to Celebrity Cruises and part of the Camp at Sea onboard programme which delivers entertaining activities which are also educational. We had a short introduction to the programme with Huw James, Anturus Explorer, who told us more about the idea behind the academy. He can explain it better than I can so check out this short video to find out more.

We took part in a variety of activities which taught the kids about recycling, temperature and pressure. Huw took us around the world looking at various environments and introducing various experiments that tied into them.

We then headed off for a ship tour whilst the kids stayed with Huw to take part in more exciting activities. I was very impressed with the facilities on the Celebrity Silhouette including a real lawn! There was definitely an air of luxury and felt more grown-up than the Cruise ships I have previously visited.

In our absence, the kids tested what floats and what sinks and then created their own boats which they put into stormy conditions in the Jacuzzi to see who survived. Suffice to say by the time we came back after a quick tour and a cheeky cocktail they were grinning from ear to ear and begging to be allowed to stay onboard. Unfortunately for us, the Celebrity Silhouette had to get ready to set sail and there was just enough time for a quick bite of lunch before we had to disembark.

We are definitely a family of cruise converts and with the Anturus Explorer Academy offering a fun yet educational kids camp it has certainly put Celebrity Cruises at the top of our list for future sailings.