Butlins food just got better

Staying in the shoreline hotel and having dinner, bed and breakfast means that we had the opportunity to dine in quite a few venues for our dinner this week and we decided to make full use of it.

The first night we spent in the Shoreline hotel purely for convenience but we have since dined in the new Beachcomber Inn, Turners restaurant and the new hotel that will be available for Wave guests, The Deck.

Being given vouchers to use in the restaurants does mean that on occasion we had to pay for a little bit of the bill but wouldn’t you pay a bit extra for this.


You could actually dine at the Deck for no extra cost and with a cook to order Grill and a fresh pasta bar as well as the normal premier dining buffet options we were definitely spoilt for choice and so full we felt like we would burst when we left.


With gorgeous big open spaces, a great variety of seating and even some Etch-a-sketch available for the kids to play with, The Deck has a brilliant feel to it that doesn’t seem like the normal canteen type dining that you come to get used when on resort. We are really looking forward to September now when we will be staying in The Wave hotel and dining in The Deck all week long but this time we will eat in moderation.