A Family Friendly Flight with Jet2.com

Last month we headed to Disneyland Paris to enjoy the Season of the Force event. This was the third time we were heading there and when deciding on how to get there we had to take a lot into consideration. Although we were only going for four nights, previous experience had told us that we needed a lot of luggage. With it being February it was still cold so we needed lots of layers not to mention the fact that the girls love buying souvenirs so we needed space for those too. After looking at our opinions, I decided that Jet2.com ticked all of the boxes that we were looking for to make it a family friendly flight.

If you haven’t looked at Jet2.com for flights you might not know just how much they focus on offering the best value. One of the main benefits for us was the 22KG hold baggage allowance that we all received as standard and the family friendly flight times which meant that we didn’t have to get up too early in the morning.

We flew from Leeds Bradford airport for the very first time and we absolutely loved it. The airport was small enough that we managed to check in and clear security quickly which gave us plenty of time to relax before our flight and it also meant that our car was parked really close to the terminal which was definitely a plus side.

The flight time from Leeds Bradford to Paris CDG was so short that we didn’t really have time to get something to eat but I have to say I was very happy to find that Jet2.com serve Starbucks coffee on their flights which is definitely a bonus for me. We haven’t visited Paris as a family yet but with it being so easy to fly to it is definitely somewhere I would consider visiting for a short city break.

The flight was over before we knew it. One of the best things about this flight was that it landed at Terminal 3. If you have ever flown into Paris CDG Terminal 2 you will know that the airport is huge. Landing at Terminal 3 means that we could claim our baggage and exit the airport quickly. This also meant that checking in for our return flight was just as easy.

We thoroughly enjoyed flying with Jet2.com and it seems that lots of other people do too because Jet2.com is TripAdvisors Top UK airline. Finding a family friendly flight isn’t about the budget but about all the things that make travelling as a family as easy and stress-free as possible. We will certainly be flying with Jet2.com again in the future.

Check out the video from our trip to Disneyland Paris below

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  1. That’s really good to know. I want to book somewhere not too far for this summer and heading out from Paris seems like a good start!

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