Young driver – Getting My Brother Behind The Wheel

Having a teenager for a brother means that every now and then I get to use him as a Guinea pig to try out some great services that my girls are too young for. This has led to me taking him on holiday to test out the Mark Warner Indy Club and also to arranging a driving lesson for him with Young Driver.

Young Drivers have a variety of locations across the country and he headed to his nearest centre in Reading with my Mum. The centre was based on the roof of the Oracle car park which had been turned into a fabulous driving course with track and obstacles which he used to practice his manoeuvres.

Upon arrival Michael was sat in the car on the roof top track and shown the controls of the car. After this he headed off around the track at a slow speed practicing handling. He then had to complete a series of maneuvers including reverse parking into a bay.
Michael has had some previous driving experience doing off roading so he was able to quickly get to grips with what he was doing and the instructor was very impressed with his skills. In fact by the end of that very first lesson he had reached level 5 out of 6.

The young driver lessons aim to give you confidence behind the wheel and teach you how to stop, start, pull away, change gear and steer the car as well as the following 6 maneuvers.

  • Driving in two-way traffic
  • Dealing with junctions
  • Turning / slalom
  • Dealing with roundabouts (at selected venues)
  • Dealing with traffic lights (at selected venues)
  • Bay parking and reverse parking

My little brother thinks that this was an excellent experience and well if a teenager thinks it cool it must be right? A fabulous gift idea for those hard to please teenagers.