Xshot Bunch-o-balloons 

When I first heard of Bunch-o-balloons I thought it sounded like a quirky idea but I wasn’t overly sure whether they would work or whether they would be worth the money so when I was offered the chance to review them I thought I would give them a go.

With just over 100 balloons in a pack plus two different hose adapters there is more than enough fun to get started. Unfortunately we don’t have a hose or even a tap that can have a hose connected easily so we took Bunch-o-balloons to the grandparents so we could have some fun in their garden instead.

Each of the three balloon bunches has 37 balloons on sticks and these attach to the hose using one of the two adapters depending on your hose pipe connect.

It is recommended that you fill the Bunch-o-balloons in a container or flat on the floor. We tried using a large bucket but in the end it was too small for all 37 balloons so we had to lift the balloons above the bucket before they were fully inflates. This did mean a few popped in landing in the bucket but only two or three.

As the balloons filled they slipped off their sticks and fell into the bucket ready for mayhem to commence.

We were sent the set which included the flinger which Alison loved although Elizabeth preferred the good old hand throw for more precision.

We all absolutely loved it and we only filled one set of balloons. With each refill set costing less than £10 for 100 balloons you could complain about the cost being more than standard water balloons however the ease of filling is worth every penny and the squeals of delight and memories made that come from a well timed water balloon fight mean that we will definitely be purchasing refills for this in time for our next mini heat wave.