Wild Science soap making and win a trip to Orlando!

Don’t you love it when the kids really enjoy an activity and they don’t even realise that it had an educational element? Last weekend we decided to celebrate National Science Week by getting creative with the Wild Science Cake Soap Factory and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

When I first saw the Wild Science Cake soap factory set I assumed it would be difficult but making the soap was really easy. Following the instructions, I needed to melt the soap blocks in the microwave for a few seconds before allowing the girls to add a few drops of colour and pour the mix into the moulds.

Once the mix is in the moulds you pop them into the freezer for just a few minutes. This is just to rapidly cool them and not to freeze them. Once cooled you turn the mould upside down and tap the back of each shape until the soap pops out.

As well as making the opaque soaps shown above you are also shown how to make the transparent jelly looking soap and whipped soap. By combining these different types of soap you can make some amazing looking designs. We even added some almond essence to our whipped soap to add a scent to them.

My girls had so much fun creating the different designs and enjoyed learning how to pipe the whipped soap as well as making the different colours.

Now if you are inspired to get creative with one of the Wild Science sets then you could also be in with the chance of winning a family holiday to Orlando thanks to the Global Science Challenge. The prize includes a 7 day trip to Orlando for 2 adults and 2 children including car hire, accommodation, entry to Disney World, a full set of Wild Science products and entry to Kennedy Space Centre where you can meet a real astronaut. To enter you need to buy a Wild Science kit and send a copy of your receipt along with your design of a new Wild Science kit and a basic instruction book on how to use your new kit. To find out more and to enter the Global Science Challenge visit www.WildScience.net