Vampire Diaries Season 1 on Bluray


When it comes to Vampires I was definitely in the Twilight crowd having read the books before I watched the films but when Warner Bros. sent me the first season of the Vampire Diaries I thought I had better give it a shot.

A supernatural teen drama that had me hooked after the first episode I believe I might actually be beginning to annoy my hubby with my need for my vampire fix.

In fact I am loving this so much that I feel the need to download all the books onto my kindle but when am I going to have the time to read them?

Argh damn you Warner Bros. for getting me hooked. I hope you want Season 2 and 3 reviewed too so I can catch up before Season 4 starts in October.

With raging teenage hormones, lots of mysterious back story and some very attractive young men Not to mention all the creepy music its the perfect way to lose and evening (or 20).