Top Christmas Toy – Xeno

Meet Xeno the loveable baby monster who everyone adores. I first met him at the toy fair in January and I was really impressed with him then even though he was still a prototype.

Xeno is a super cute little creature who is very tactile and loves to play with you. He has a fabulous range of movements with his ears, eyebrows, mouth, legs and body able to move that helps him look more realistic. He has a range of sensors including his feet, hands, mouth, snot, head, tail and belly button.

Xeno has over 10 different emotions: happy, sad, playful, hungry and unwell being just a few. Xeno has over 50 eye expressions and 80 tailor made sounds that help you to learn to understand what he wants. He is really ticklish on his feet, he dances to music and he even burps and trumps which the girls think is fantastic!

Xeno loves it when you play with him and if you hold both of his hands he will ask “wanna play” and play one of 5 games with you.  You can also download the Free app to play additional games and explore the Xeno world. You don’t need a Xeno toy to enjoy the app.