TOMY Rizmo evolving interactive pet

I was very intrigued when I first saw an advert for Rizmo, what was this strange evolving toy. Luckily for me, I was given the opportunity to review Rizmo and learn all about it. Rizmo is for ages 6 plus and takes 4 AA batteries which are included.

You can get Rizmo in a variety of colours and you can look in the top of the box to find out which colour you have.

When you first open Rizmo it is in a baby form. It has two coloured eyes, a button on the nose and two feet which allow it to move up and down. Baby Rizmo has 5 settings which are shown on its eyes. Green is speaking mode, Purple is Sleep rocking mode, Yellow is recording mode, Blue is music mode and Orange is rolling mode. To get Rizmo to evolve you need to collect musical points which you gain by playing with it. You also need to have recorded a minimum of 15 songs/noises. When the eyes flash different colours you place Rizmo on a flat surface and when the eyes glow white you need to cheer and encourage Rizmo, through noise, to evolve. IF you don’t make enough noise then Rizmo will not evolve and will need playing with some more until he is ready to try again.

In Kid Mode, you can play with him the same way as when he was in baby mode with the colours doing the same thing. Earn more musical points and record more songs so that Rizmo will be ready to evolve again. You will need to cheer even louder and for even longer this time round.

When fully evolved Rizmo has a light-up stomach and has gained two new play modes and he can also get very grumpy. The two new play modes are Pink which is dance mode and light blue which is a colour game. Rizmo can also get grumpy if ignored so you need to give him lots of love and attention.

Rizmo can not be turned back into a baby and once evolved that is the form that you will play with him in. He is very much for those who love making noise and lots of fun to play with.

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