#TMOTXmasTombola prize – Moshi Monsters Trunki


The girls have each owned a Trunki for a while with a Gruffalo (Elizabeth) and a Tipu the Tiger (Alison) that the kids received for christmas two years ago.

The different trunki have been used a lot for holidays, hospital trips or for visiting family.

A Trunki holds an amazing quantity of clothes, toys and anything else you want to put inside and is sturdy enough to be sat on or rode on. When we recently when to Kos the girls rode of their Trunki’s in teh airport and they were not alone. Nearly all of the children on our Mark Warner flight had Trunki’s of different types and we saw Terrance and Trixie, Freddie and Penelope and lots of Trunkisaurus. All of them supporting a tired child on their backs and filled with fantastic things to keep them occupied on the flight.

We noticed a few design changes in the new Moshi Monster Poppet trunki compared to our old ones with improved catches and handles.

We have always loved Trunki and they are as much a toy to play with and is it a suitcase to go away with.

Make sure you enter my #TMOTXmasTombola where you can win a Poppet Trunki too.