Tipping Point – The Board Game

I recently received Tipping Point through to review and although I have not yet had a chance to play the game fully, due to not having enough players aged over 10, I can see how this would make a fantastic family board game this Christmas.

Tipping Point was easy to put together although I did have to stick some stickers on which I absolutely hate doing. The game is quite simple once you get started but following the tv version, each round is slightly different so you may need to keep the rule book handy for the first few times you play.

You start by loading up the machine with the correct tokens for the round and using the question cards you each get to ask the other players questions. This takes out the need for the “host” which is seen in the tv version and makes it a lot more interesting. There are different categories on the cards and I found the questions to be a mix from general knowledge to quite specialised so I am not sure how well a ten-year-old would do. Mind you I am sure a ten-year-old nowadays knows more than I do. I couldn’t even remember what a parallelogram was the other day.

The actual machine is really good quality and the tokens although card seem to be robust enough to be played with quite a few times before showing any wear.

I am really looking forward to taking this down to my Mums this festive season for a night of family gaming and seeing if it really is as good as it looks but from first impressions I would say that we could be on to a winner.