Thule Glide Stroller

A few months ago I was sent the Thule glide sports stroller. Now I know what you are thinking my girls are 5 and 6 so I don’t really need a pushchair any more but with Elizabeth still requiring a wheelchair when we go out and walk for more than 10 minutes and the Thule Glide having a weight capacity of over 5 stone I hoped it would be the answer to my prayers. Unfortunately Elizabeth and Alison are both too tall for the stroller so to put it to the test I handed it over to a school gate mum who not only had a child the right size but who also loves jogging.

Now we were sent the Thule Glide which has a fixed front wheel which is great for jogging but not so good for the sort of maneuverability you usually have with swivel wheels. If this is an issue you can get the Thule Urban Glide instead which has a swivel front wheel which can be locked for jogging.
The Thule Glide has a fantastic Multi-position canopy for added protection with view-in roof port to see your child from the rear. With the netted visor on the front it can also protect little eyes from the sun.
The Ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights is perfect for finding that comfortable position and allows the stroller to be pushed by people of different statures easily. The handlebar brake is also very handy for controlling the stroller whilst out and about and saves you putting the foot brake on each time you have to stop. In fact the foot brake is one of the bad points about this stroller. It is very stiff to put on and you almost feel as though you are going to snap it when you are applying the brake. Whether this gets easier over time is something we will just have to wait and see.
The wheels on the Thule glide are easy to remove with the rear wheels being removed by pressing the blue button and pulling them off and the front wheel being removed by the catch at the side. The storage space underneath the stroller doesn’t look very big but is deceptively spacious when filled and manages to cope with some shopping essentials, changing bags, coats and anything else the kids want to put in there.
The one handed folding mechanism is hidden at the front near the foot rest and it is easy to twist and pull to collapse the stroller. I did find myself worrying about scuffing the stroller on the floor when folding but I can see no signs of wear from doing this. There is a rubber strap to hold the stroller closed and I do think this needs some improvement as it felt either too tight to put on and you had to really stretch it or using the hole before it felt too loose and as though the stroller could spring open.

When looking at ride comfort the rear suspension means that the child inside doesn’t feel the lumps and bumps on the path like in other pushchairs and it also makes running with it a lot easier as you are not fighting the terrain. The seat has some fabulous pouches to the side which children like to use to store toys, comforters and even snacks. The straps are a five point harness that is really easy to adjust and do up and seems to baffle the children when it comes to releasing it so no houdini escapes which is brilliant. The seat can be laid flat one handed and is wide enough for the children to feel comfortable. The first time this function was used the 2.5 year old child was asleep in minutes which is definitely a plus side!

Weighing in at just under 10kg the stroller is lightweight which makes jogging with it really easy and after our recent snowy weather I was surprised to hear that the Thule Glide had no issues at all. I remember many years ago fighting with various pushchairs through the snow but the large wheels and fixed front wheel meant it cut through the snow with ease.

The only other issue that they reported with the Thule Glide is its length. It is not great for turning in small spaces which means that popping to the local corner shop can be tricky but over all it is a great stroller that is brilliant for jogging, great for the comfort of your child and stores away nicely. With only three negative points being far outweighed by the positive I think this is definitely a stroller to consider.