Tech Deck – Finger Stunt Fun

As a grown up the idea of riding a skateboard with my fingers seems a bit odd but when Alison saw the bundle of Tech Deck items that we were sent from Spin Master her face lit up. Tech Deck is a range of stunt skateboards and BMX bikes that you ride with your fingers. It takes real skill to get the tricks right and there are lots of videos out there showing you various tricks.

We were sent a single pack BMX, a single pack skateboard and a SK8shop bonus pack. All of these items come in various designs which correspond to actual skateboard manufacturers and recreate classic board designs in miniature.

The Sk8shop bonus pack was Alison’s favourite product as it came with 1 fully built Tech Deck, 5 Tech Deck boards, 20 wheels, 2 set of trucks (the bit that hold the wheels), stickers and lots of screws/nuts to help you build your own Tech Deck boards. We actually got some rare trucks in our pack. Each board is classed as common, rare or ultra rare and we were lucky enough to get a mixture of each in our pack.

Alison really enjoyed creating her own Tech Deck with the Sk8Shop set. I do wish that there was somewhere to put all of the tiny accessories like the screws and nuts. They can get lost quite easily so a little tub would be ideal.

The Tech Deck Transforming Container Ramp is a great place to play with Tech Deck. It opens up into a variety of different obstacles, in fact, there are up to 80 different configurations.

The container ramp includes a half pipe, wave ramp and rail. The set measures just over 2 feet long when folded out, giving lots of space to practice all the tricks.

The container ramp is also a great place to store your tech deck skateboards.