Tatty Teddy has more Blue Nose Friends


Tatty Teddy has four new My Blue Nose Friends to introduce to us. I take great pleasure in introducing Scuttle the Crab, Bixie the Cocker Spaniel, Flip the Gecko and Spangle the Starfish.  There are now over 100 My Blue Nose Friends to collect and each with its own fun and individual personality.

Scuttle the Crab is the inquisitive little creature who loves to explore!  When you need a friend, Scuttle is a rock you can always depend on.  Bixie is the cute Cocker Spaniel who loves a snooze, but when you’re in the room, he’s all ears!  Flip is the dippy Gecko who’ll turn your life upside-down, but don’t worry, his feet always land on solid ground.  Spangle is a shimmery Starfish who’s the best friend you can imagine – she will stick with you from beginning to end! Unfortunately we were not sent Bixie this time but I can’t wait to get my hands on him and add him to our growing collection.

The super cute collectable characters are perfect as small gifts for Birthdays and Christmas or even as a special thank you. They are extremely well made and would be perfect for Adults and Children.

Visit the ‘Official My Blue Nose Friends’ Facebook page to join in with the buzz and chat about the new characters.

You can also play with more of your favourite characters in a brand new virtual world of blue nose adventures with the Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy app which we reviewed previously. Unfortunately it is only available on iOS so since I changed my phone we have not been able to play it any more which has led to sad kids.